Accountants are required to work in Saudi Arabia

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Accountants are required to work in Saudi Arabia

Accountants are required to work in Saudi Arabia
Accountants are required to work in Saudi Arabia

An opportunity to work as accountants in Saudi Arabia

Job Description and Requirements

Principal Objective: A brief summary of the responsibilities of the position.

The Financial Analyst is responsible for the overall finance operations as related to business development and the Industrial Development Division. He ensures that finance operations are consistent with Royal Commission policies and procedures. He is responsible for data collection, analysis, studies and reports. The Financial Analyst interfaces with other RC departments, divisions and stakeholders.

Organizational Relationship: A brief synopsis of reporting relationships i.e., reports to, supports section, group, etc.; interfaces with senior management, clients, etc.

The Financial Analyst is a direct interface with the Business Development Department Director. He coordinates with stakeholders and with other Roya Commission departments regarding all activities related to RC business finance.

Major Activities Performed: List the major job function(s) of the position.

Advise the Director and SAPL Leadership with regard to all pertinent actions and matters of importance.
Ensures that analytical cost procedures are consistent with Royal Commission policy and procedures. The Financial Analyst improves financial performance by analyzing data, identifying trends, monitoring variances and recommending corrective action.
He ensures that stakeholders and management are appropriately engaged.
The Financial Analyst performs detailed cost analysis. He evaluates the performance by comparing actual performance to planned performance.
Prepare reports pertaining to financial feasibility studies, strategic reviews and data analysis
Prepare and review project budgets, cost estimates and forecasts.
Prepare and review financial forecasts and operating reports.
Analyze financial data, create financial models as needed for decision support
Prepare and present material on matters pertaining to finance. Presentations may be of technical, informational, financial or general in nature and content. PowerPoint skills are required. The ability to conduct a professional presentation to Leadership and project stakeholders is required.
Develop and maintain a solid financial and analytical foundation.
Reconciles financial transactions by entering, verifying and validating data. Ensure that financial data is properly backed up.
Maintain an accurate, complete and current financial database. Enter, verify and back up data.
Develop market research, data mining, business intelligence within the industrial sector. Determine the established cost associated with these effort(s).
Keeping financial information confidential.
Experience and Qualifications: List the background experience required for the position, number of years experience, in what fields. Describe the desirable academic background.

Candidate should have Bachelor Degree Engineering / Business Administration (Master’ or Bachelor or equivalent) from a recognized university
Candidate should have a certificate as Financial Analyst (preferred, not obligatory if covered by degree)
Candidate should have due diligence skills, feasibility studies background and market research in the industrial sector
Minimum of 15 years of professional experience in financial analysis
Candidate should fully understand project finance concept, professional expertise, financial orientation, self-starting initiative
Candidate must have strong analytical, and data gathering and interpersonal skills
Must have excellent communication skills in the English language including written and oral communication
Ability to develop and maintain financial reports
Knowledge of computers and basic software applications: MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).
Strong Accounting, Administration, Management leadership skills
Details oriented, organized and advanced knowledge of Excel

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