ALEXBANK طالبين Head of Credit Risk Assessment Unit

Alaa Ali

ALEXBANK طالبين Head of Credit Risk Assessment Unit

• Review the monthly Reporting of Portfolio Quality Report for Corporate, ME, Retail, Small business portfolio and other banks functions, CBE and parent company

• Review and communicate the ad-hoc reports requested by audit.

• Review the risk analysis reporting and alerts performed by the team of analysts to maintain maximum protection of bank assets.

• Plan and guide the implementation of the qualitative and quantitative impact assessment of new regulatory requirements.

• Review the reporting required for the CRGC (Credit Risk Governance Committee).

• Review and communicate the analysis of portfolio Concentration for performing and non-performing, and restructured clients.

• Direct the implementation of the analysis incorporating the rating for assessment and decision making.

• Reporting and assessment of the counterparty and portfolio ratings.

ALEXBANK طالبين Head of Credit Risk Assessment Unit

ALEXBANK طالبين Head of Credit Risk Assessment Unit

• Reviews the CRGC products analysis, provide the necessary clearance and communication between different stakeholders of the retail and small business products and proposed logical alternatives

• Review the quarterly Credit Strategy displaying current portfolio for Corporate, Medium Enterprises, Retail and Small business.

• Review the model optimization for the credit strategy in line with RAF limits and respecting other portfolio constraints

• Communication of the output of the credit strategy with business / underwriting of the credit strategy for sourcing and acceptance. IV) Projects

• Manage the automation project for the credit risk. .

• Manage the workflow project for the retail, small business and microfinance.

• Review the implementation of the products and the alignment with the product catalogues.

7 Years of Experience in the same function.

CBE reporting background

. IFRS9 implementation

. Portfolio analysis

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