An opportunity to work as Engineers in Saudi Arabia

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An opportunity to work as Engineers in Saudi Arabia

An opportunity to work as Engineers in Saudi Arabia
An opportunity to work as Engineers in Saudi Arabia

Job Description and Requirements
. Principal Objective: A brief summary of the responsibilities of the position.

Interface with Port Operator and Port Infrastructures Maintenance teams
Build an Action Tracker List and manages Engineer Projects within all Port projects on behalf Port Authority near all players.
Assures the Engineering functionality of the Port and its Terminals.
2. Organizational Relationship: A brief synopsis of reporting relationships i.e., reports to, supports section, group, etc.; interfaces with senior management, clients, etc.

Reports to COO Deputy.
Interfaces with awarded maintenance companies and the awarded Port Operator for all infrastructures, Equipment and Maritime fleet divisions.
3. Major Activities Performed: List the major job function(s) of the position.

To continually monitor and supervise day to day operations related to Construction, all Machinery, Marine fleet, Buildings, Navigational Channel Assets, Terminal works and all Maintenance works receiving all reports and communications from the ground in an efficient manner.
QHSE responsibilities and incident investigation duties by assuring the best HSE practices as per standard with an absolute 0 LTI Goal.
Assure all International Safety standards from IMO and Maritime Civil Eng. related to Port Areas and.
To assure near the Port Operator that all maintenance activities are updated and ensuring minimum downtime.
To supervise and be responsible for all maintenance when additional personnel are employed for any task, general cleanliness of all spaces and ensure all maintenance is performed to a high standard and as per manufacturer’s recommendations.
Updating of technical worklist, daily work is done reports, action tracker.
To carry out inspections, report defects, raise paperwork as necessary that are required as part of a technical system.
Attend promptly any breakdowns reported on the ground by Operators.
Proper inventory control for spares and stores on behalf of Port Authority.
Carry out vessel tasks as assigned by the line manager:
To ensure all emergency procedures are exercised on a regular basis and to have a thorough understanding of the same around the Port infrastructures.
Updating of technical work list, daily work is done & action trackers.
To receive, evaluate and approve the planning of all maintenance activities ensuring NIL downtime.
4. Experience and Qualifications: List the background experience required for the position, number of years experience, in what fields. Describe the desirable academic background.

Bachelor Degree in Port, Marine or Mechanical Engineering from an approved Western University.

Minimal ten (10) years experience in Ports or Marine Bases in a Senior Management and Engineering role namely related to Terminal Infrastructures, Maritime Divisions, Hydrographic and Heavy Equipment.

Must be highly fluent in English

Knowledge of computers and basic software applications: MS Office (Word, Excel, Power Point). Engineering Software experience and certification to be displayed.

Please send your CV to the following link: -
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