Arrow Electronics تطلب Software Developer

Alaa Ali

Arrow Electronics تطلب Software Developer

Software Developer

Job Description:

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

Implement, debug, configure, build, deploy and test applications.

Implement: implement new requirements, handle change requests and fix bugs for different releases. Software engineer should deliver a high quality and functioning code.

Debug: ability to track and debug the code to easily figure out issues’ root causes.

Configure: put configuration layering, change application configuration on different environment, maintain and manager different configuration files.

Build: knowledge of how to write build scripts (e.g. using ant or maven) and how to configure nightly building tools (e.g. Jenkins)

Deploy: deployment automation, how to easily deploy applications on different environments and operating systems.

Test: test the work before publishing, test functional and non-functional system requirements.

Technical design, analysis and research.

Design: participate to find solutions.

Analysis and research: stay up to date with new technologies and solutions for different problems, quick research is required.

Ability to quickly analyze and provide solutions to business and technical problems.

Understanding tasks priorities, using JIRA, participate in task estimation and follow releases policies and rules

Setting priorities: discuss and understand priorities with leader.

JIRA: regular access and updates on JIRA.

Estimation: provide roughly and almost accurate estimates for the assigned tasks to assigned leader, stick to due dates and meet the deadlines.

Follow the release policies and process.

Other teams support, collaboration and training,

Software engineer should be collaborative not only within the team but with other teams.

Support and help could be required including shifting between teams in different releases.

Training and guidance: knowledge transfer, training sessions and guiding other colleagues.

Arrow Electronics تطلب Software Developer

Arrow Electronics تطلب Software Developer

Experience Requirements

1-3 years of experience in Java software development.

Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or equivalent education in the form of work experience at similar technology positions.

Technical skills required:

OOP concepts and design patterns

Strong knowledge in AngularJS V2 or plus and NodeJS


Application Servers (Apache Tomcat)

JavaScript (Basics, AJAX)

Database (Native SQL, DB design and ERD, MySQL)

ORM (JPA, Hibernate)

Clean Code (Code quality standards)

Unit Test and frameworks (Junit)

Source/Revision Control (GIT or SVN)

The following will be a plus:

Application Servers (one of the enterprise application servers e.g. weblogic, JBoss, websphere, Glassfish, OC4J)

Web Services (REST and SOAP webservices basics)


Build Tools (Maven)


Big Data (Hadoop, Hive, Sqoop, any NoSQL database like Hbase or MongoDB)

Search Frameworks (Apache Solr, ElasticSearch)

General (Security, Aspect Oriented)

Continuous Integration (Jenkins)

JavaScript (JQuery, AngularJS and NodeJS)

Issue Tracking (JIRA)

Cairo, Egypt (Al Emdad & Al Tamween)
Time Type:
Full time
Job Category:
Information Technology

Seniority levelEntry level

Employment typeFull-time

Job functionEngineeringInformation Technology

IndustriesInformation Technology and ServicesElectrical/Electronic Manufacturing

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