B.TECH طالبين Commercial Sales Manager

Alaa Ali

B.TECH طالبين Commercial Sales Manager

-To ensure their competence and then distribute them
to subordinates every month, sales targets and collections for the region are distributed to clients according to
the relative weight of both the implementation and achievement of the planned targets.
– Follows up with the subordinates the position of the merchants in terms of account balances, merchants’ collections, sales volume and inventory volume they have
to ensure efficient execution of a plan.
– Maintains constant monthly sales rates by focusing on and setting priorities for selling products based on the nature of merchants and the sales market
to support the achievement of sales targets for the region.

B.TECH طالبين Commercial Sales Manager

B.TECH طالبين Commercial Sales Manager

– coordinates with the Department of Commercial Marketing the preparation and implementation of
marketing programs and various advertising materials to support merchants in the implementation of sales operations
.-Prepares visit plans for subordinates to visit customers with the aim of following up customer requests and collections
to ensure achievement of sales and collection targets.
-follows up the arrival of the products with the product management in order to plan and organize the traders’ requests
to ensure that the sales targets are achieved efficiently.
-Tracks the sales market movement by analyzing the target market data (competitor products prices – current and new competitors – competitors’ offers)
To create new selling opportunities.
-monitors the region’s expenses to ensure there are no violations in the sector’s annual budget.
-Leading, motivating and evaluating the sales team according to the business results to achieve the highest performance rates.
-Prepares and presents a reports on the sales movements and collections for presentation to the sector head to ensure that he is aware of the results of the business.

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