Careem طالبين Brand Manager

Alaa Ali

Careem طالبين Brand Manager

At Careem, we are driven by the purpose of simplifying the lives of people and building an awesome organisation that inspires. Based in Dubai, we started our journey as a pioneer of the Middle East’s ride-hailing economy. Today, Careem is the region’s everyday Super App operational in 13 countries and over 100 cities. The Super App provides a host of daily services that people need to move around, to order things and to transfer money in one unified smartphone app. Our goal is to simplify people’s daily lives so that they can spend their precious time and mindshare on things that really matter and on realizing their potential .

Careem طالبين Brand Manager

We’re looking for an experience Brand Manager who will have the following responsibilities:

  • Monitor, measure and manage brand equity/strength
  • Increase brand awareness, relevant differentiation, value, accessibility and emotional connection
  • Develop brand plan
  • Monitor progress against brand plan
  • Be responsible for results against brand plan
  • Drive brand understanding and support throughout the organization
  • Champion/drive initiatives that support delivery of the brand promise
  • Brand messaging – elevator speech, tagline, campaign themes, proof points, etc.
  • Manage the brand architecture
  • Maintain brand identity consistency
  • Chair the brand identity council/team/board
  • Help determine identities for new brands/sub-brands
  • Anticipate and accommodate new brand identity needs
  • Establish positioning, identify target audiences, and develop plans with specific objectives across different channels and segments
  • Working in partnership with the SM Agency, develop creative briefs and guide creative direction to meet objectives for all advertising and public-facing communications
  • Manage content and updates for customer touch points, establishing budget guidelines, participating in events, documenting business processes
  • PR experience is a plus
Careem طالبين Brand Manager
Careem طالبين Brand Manager


  • Must have at least 4 year’s experience in a strong branding role
  • Must have experience working closely with research and customer insights
  • Previous experience in digital marketing is essential
  • Previous experience working in a start up organisation is highly desired
  • Previous regional experience is essential
  • Strong communication skills in English (both written and verbal) and ideally a second language

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