Engineering General Manager is required

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Engineering General Manager is required

 Objectives / Summary Of Job Tasks:

– The role holder is responsible for providing strategic direction, leadership and expertise towards developing and managing the technical functions to ensure achievement of the business targets in the short term as well as the long term.

-This includes long term planning for, integrating the various technical functions (viz. engineering, production shops, quality, logistics and services, maintenance and local content procurement), leading introduction of new technologies and products in Egypt as well as a local team of professionals towards achieving the company’s vision.

– Further, the role holder is responsible to develop and implement strategic and operational plans that are compliant to the guidelines and policies as well as to local laws and regulations in Egypt.

– Additionally, he/she shall be providing technical support to local partners.

Main Tasks & Responsibilities:

1. Process & Technical support activities

– Responsible to support the project planning activities, and manage the realization of all local requirements and setup.

– Responsible to create a standard professional methodology for the projects’ management.

– Responsible for all car production lines’ documentation and their monthly change management.

– Responsible to ensure correct production processes according to defined standards.

– Responsible for the establishment of the correct line documentation.

– Responsible to support and guide the qualification of all workers and staff at the partner side, in cooperation with all related teams locally as well as in the Head Quarters.

Engineering General Manager

– Responsible for ordering, setting and maintaining all type-related tools and equipment, especially all diagnostic equipment that will operated by the subcontractor staff.

– Responsible to plan the production flow and related requirements for all processes.

– Responsible to plan & follow up the Technical training activities.

2. Operation Development

– Responsible to introduce and implement any production related systems such as MPS & Lean systems for optimization of production processes.

– Responsible to carryout the motion & time studies of all production processes.

– Responsible to ensure adherence to the MPS requirements and to enhance the implementation of its tools & methods.

– Responsible to ensure highest quality level at all work areas in the engineering department as well as to achieve the related targets.

3. Local Content realization

– Responsible to ensure fulfillment of the local content requirements in a compliant manner.

– Responsible to lead – jointly with all related teams in the center.

– Joining and supporting the sourcing committee and its decisions.

– Responsible to initiate and support the feasibility study for potential local items.

– Responsible for the establishment of the production setup as well as qualification fulfillment at local suppliers.

Engineering General Manager is required

Engineering General Manager is required

– Support and follow up the preparation of approving samples from local supplier.

– Handle the technical alterations information of local content parts.

– Technical preparations for IDA approvals.

– Give periodic feedback about supplier performance.

– Manage the fulfillment of all technical related issues for localized parts.

4. Production Planning and Material Management activities

– Responsible to prepare & confirm the production and sales plan “KUFRI” with MB-Egypt & DAG.

– Responsible to monitor the WIP “Work In Progress” and production follow-up reports.

– Responsible to plan for new options & colors with MB-Egypt as well as all internal involved departments.

– Responsible to maintain accurate records for incoming & outgoing materials.

– Responsible to ensure proper storage and inventory of all materials considering all related conditions.

– Responsible to supply production lines with materials in correct quantities according to approved work orders as well as to replace the damaged items according to MRP system.

– Responsible to implement all required safety regulations at all times in all storage areas.

Engineering General Manager

5. Material Requirements Planning activities

– Responsible to plan & follow up the lead-time, minimum order quantities, and shipping modes.

– Responsible to monitor the warehouse stocks (CKD, consumables and L/C items).

– Responsible to ensure no production stoppage due to shortage of consumable materials.

– Responsible to monitor and calculate costs for obsolete materials (DIP & LIP).

– Responsible to issue order requests to replace all obsolete materials as well as any buffer materials.

– Responsible to monitor the stocks and transfer of any obsolete or rejected materials.

6. Quality Management activities

– Introduction of Quality processes and concepts involving high interaction between several areas.

– Evaluation of the quality concepts/processes and also all other factory related processes with their final release for the integration into the system.

– Maintain and improve the QM system respectively the IMS manual, ISO/IATF16949 activities and regulations related to ISO14001, OHSAS18001 as well as ISO50001.

– Alignment of different internal/external interest (e.g. performance level agreements with logistics service providers, quality assurance agreements with suppliers or agreements with the union or other stakeholders.

– In case of quality related matters final agreement on internal or external campaigns.

– Conducting of interdisciplinary projects, detailing of project content and forming of time, budget and activity plans.

7. People Development activities

– Controlling of work results and guiding the employees along their tasks.

– Training and internal placement of employees to support their individual development.

– Proposing of salary adjustments and qualification activities. Ensuring the compliance of all activities. 

Job Qualifications:


– Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering

-Master in Business Administration is a plus.


– Management experience in automotive industry minimum 14 years.

– Reasonable know-how of local content and automotive feeding industry in Egypt (suppliers, management, projects and regulations)


– Project Management knowledge and practice (PMP certificate is preferred)

– Proven Business knowledge and Expertize

– Strategic thinker with the ability to plan and operationalize business strategies

– Excellent command of English language

– Excellent computer skills

– Strong Leadership & interpersonal skills

– Good overview about tools & equipment as well as external contractors, suppliers & companies

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