Freelance Bengali Interpreter


Freelance Bengali Interpreter

Freelance Bengali Interpreter

Freelance Bengali Interpreter

Company Info Liberty Language Services is a woman-owned and operated company based in Vienna, VA that recruits interpreters to work as independent contractors, providing on-site interpretation services for our clients in the medical field and other settings. Liberty’s Education Center offers both in-person and online training programs to help prepare bilinguals for professional interpreting. Whether you already have experience as a freelance interpreter or are just interested in beginning a career in interpretation, Liberty Language Services is the place for you! Job Summary

• This position will consist of interpreting for healthcare patients with limited English proficiency. You will be interpreting from Bengali to English and vice-versa. As a medical interpreter, you will facilitate doctor-patient communication at hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare-related facilities.

• This is an independent contractor position so there are no set hours; you will accept work depending on your own schedule.

• All interpreting assignments coincide with appointments made by patients at healthcare facilities and, therefore, will vary in duration and the amount of notice given.

• Assignment lengths and the content will vary. Examples of session content include physical therapy and rehabilitation, surgery, diagnostics, examinations, and mental health appointments.

• Travel Requirement: Interpreters are required to have their own form of transportation and travel on-site to the location of each appointment. Compensation for travel depends on the assignment. Our clients are located throughout the Washington, D.C. Metro Area

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