GBM تطلبBroadcast Engineer

Alaa Ali

GBM تطلبBroadcast Engineer

Job Summary

Bahraini nationality only. And minimum 2-3 Yrs of experience

* To carry out various operation and workflow tasks of the Ministry daily programs in multiple departments and to train and support the GBM client’s operation and technical personnel.

* Carry out broadcast and technical operation, maintenance and support for newly supplied and existing systems (i.e. all Broadcast Systems and Equipment for Production Studios and MCR, Production Automation System, Broadcast Archiving Systems, Audio Mixers, Studio Cameras, Vision Mixers, Routers, Multiviewers, Broadcast Serves, etc.) and perform various Broadcast IT duties and responsibilities, and to train and support the GBM’S CLIENT’s operation and technical personnel.

* Provide training for GBM Client’s engineers and technical Employee, including but not limited to, illustration of digital Broadcast Media Workflow and overall Broadcast System design.

GBM تطلبBroadcast Engineer

Job Responsibilities

Responsibilities include:

* Handling activities that require interaction with application, hardware, broadcast equipment, electronic components, networking components, software and operating systems, etc.

* Troubleshooting, diagnosing and resolving unique, non-recurring problems, and perform tasks that require independent analysis, communication and problem solving.

* Perform system upgrades.

* Support the GBM client’s teams in solving any emergency during week-ends or off days.

* Decide and take immediate on site action in handling any technical or emergency issues during the work shifts. Perform other required job-related tasks and responsibilities as directed by the GBM’S CLIENT’s in-charge.

GBM تطلبBroadcast Engineer

*Certification & strong knowledge (software & hardware) of Broadcast Systems and Equipment for Radio Studios and MCR, Radio Automation System, Radio Archiving Systems, Audio Mixers,  Studio  Cameras, Vision Mixers, Routers, Multiviewers, Broadcast Serves, etc.

*Comprehensive industry knowledge of Digital and analog video/audio technology, data networks, servers, archive, distribution systems.

*Through Knowledge of latest digital media compression techniques.

*Knowledge of computer systems and applications (software & hardware) and computer networking.

*Skill in responding to operational/technical equipment problems.

*Knowledge of broadcast rules and regulations.

*Knowledge of digital Broadcast Media Workflow and overall Broadcast System design.

*Knowledge of Microsoft Excel, Word, Power Point, Project, Visio, etc. Outlook applications.

*Knowledge of latest MS Windows Server/Client operating systems

*Additional knowledge for Linux and main frame would be advantage.

*Prior experience working in high pressured environment delivery consistency with mission critical assignments.

Qualifications & Education Requirements    

* Bachelor’s Degree in Electronic, Computer Engineering or equivalent.

Seniority levelAssociate

Employment typeFull-time

Job functionManagementManufacturing

IndustriesInformation Technology and Services

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