Initiative طالبين Digital Media Manager

Alaa Ali

Initiative طالبين Digital Media Manager

The Digital Media Manager will work collaboratively with the Digital Director to further define and execute Initiative’s digital media strategies. The Role Holder is responsible for evaluating, planning, organizing, managing and contributing to all digital media planning activities in an effort to achieve all corporate objectives while ensuring a consistent development of both the agency and the clients’ future performance. The Role Holder is responsible for combining the best of traditional and new media to create innovative relationships between client and consumer. 


Create and execute digital media opportunities that add significant value to Initiative’s business goals

Development and execution of the online strategy

Build and grow the digital media program

Serve as an internal expert on digital media, reporting on competitors and trends

Present recommendations, identify new digital opportunities and conclusions that demonstrate impact to the client’s business objective and growth

Delegate and oversee assignments appropriate for the Digital Media Team

Responsible for the growth and development of Digital team members ensuring their skills are up to par

Ensure that the Digital Director is fully up to date on current activity and potential issues

Develop, maintain and refine ongoing reporting procedures and working practices

Establish and recommend training needs within the team

Identification of knowledge gaps and steps taken to fill them

Reconcile final deliveries and approve media invoices in collaboration with finance team

Develop, maintain and refine ongoing reporting procedures and working practices

Maintain regular client contact when and where necessary

Functions as a primary contact between Client Service and the Client management for all strategic requests

Maintains strong relationship with digital media suppliers

Ensuring value added deliverables to clients on a continuous basis

Carries out communication planning presentations & reviews

Engage with the company and contribute with ideas on company and client level

Responsibility for budget management as well as help client set budgets for coming year

Carries out semiannual & annual reviews

Work on pitches & new businesses

Ensure best practices with other teams in the agency

Contribute to innovation idea generation

Business profitability and financial analysis

Initiative طالبين Digital Media Manager
Initiative طالبين Digital Media Manager

Initiative طالبين Digital Media Manager


Decision Making

Manage and supervise the day to day digital media activities for brands and recommend cost efficient and impactful digital media proposals to clients

Manage all aspects of Digital Media Packages


Works closely with digital suppliers regarding special requirements for clients and campaigns

Works closely with the Media Team to create and identify new opportunities that exceed expectations

Works closely with the Digital Team to ensure knowledge base and development of skills

Works closely with the client to ensure a pleasant and consistent experience


To execute a dual benefit role of managing digital team and clients for maximizing exposure and optimize the revenue generation of the agency


There are 3 direct reports to this position at the Supervisor and Executive level


To ensure that Digital is a core part of the agency proposition and to deliver solid digital revenue

Make optimum use of the digital media team to delegate work and hence generate and thus deliver effective digital plans on time

Monitor and update clients on competitive digital activities to ensure long-term relationships and loyal customers

To deliver compelling and exciting online user experience


Bachelor Degree completed ideally in marketing, business or related subjects

Minimum 4 years experience of Digital Media Planning

Ability to delegate, assign and identify key job success factors

Strong experience in website usability, web applications and online marketing and social media with a deep knowledge of social networking analysis tools

Strong understanding of digital media landscape


Excellent numeracy, written and oral communication skills

Strong negotiation & presentation skills

Flexible and open minded

Proactive and multitasking ability

Interpersonal and team coordination skills

Attention to details

Strong analytical skills and ability to relate results to client business objectives

Works well under pressure and ability to handle internal and external conflicts with professionalism

Analytical and Managing skills

Enthusiastic, approachable, committed

Strategic and thoughtful social media communicator

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