JawabSale طالبين Project Manager

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JawabSale طالبين Project Manager


Facilitate and manage technical projects and drive them to launch.

Understand current user needs by doing opportunity analysis in the problem domain.

Define goals and metrics for a successful solution by thinking deeply through the scenarios.

Develop a strategy and differentiated value proposition for the area.

Formulate release criteria for an MVP and drive a team of engineers and scientists to build, measure, learn and iterate towards a successful solution.

Leverage your great interpersonal skills to collaborate and execute with a diverse team.

Provide requirements to backend platform to scale the solution out.

JawabSale طالبين Project Manager
JawabSale طالبين Project Manager


Experience in leading web development or mobile development teams. (Coding experience a plus)

Excellent project management experience: planning, scheduling, project communication, issue resolution, change management, and risk management.

Data-driven: History of creative, analytical and critical thinking related to working with data.

Experienced in analytics, including qualitative and quantitative methods.

Entrepreneurial spirit: Self-starter, problem solver with a can-do attitude.

Collaborator: Ability to work effectively with a large number of partners and customers

User empathy: Ability to write simple, clear scenarios, problem statements, requirements, and specifications based on customer needs, presentation skills are a plus

Hands-on: Ability to write scripts, do prototypes and analysis, familiarity with data visualization tools like PowerBI is a plus.

Any experience with search, online marketing, e-commerce and A/B experiments is a plus.

Excellent in Excel or Google Sheets skills.


BA/BS degree in a technical field, or equivalent practical experience.

Fluency in English (All communications throughout the company will be done in English)

3+ years of experience as a Program Manager, Product Manager or Data Scientist

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