Legal Advisor

عبدالله علي

Legal Advisor – يلا وظايف

Legal Advisor

الوصف الوظيفي

• Providing complete support in identifying, assessing and giving reasonable solutions against legal risk involved in the different commercial transactions and various business agreements related to the business operation.
• Keeping abreast of all new and proposed legislation in Qatar and other jurisdiction where the Group is trading.
• Ensuring that the legal documents and other contractual documents are effectively drafted, reviewed, interpreted, and vetted.
• Drafting and reviewing all memorandums of incorporation & articles of association “MOA”, any amendments therein or addendum thereof, other wide various legal agreements ( Distribution Agreements, Commercial Agent Agreements Business Sale and Purchase Agreements, Shareholders Agreements, Main Contract and sub Contract, Back to Back Agreements, MOU, NDA, JVs, etc….) related to the Group’s activities and POAs and its attestation from concerned notary and government departments.
• Deal and follow up with police and legal firms, attend court hearings / proceedings if required and preparing all legal notices.
• Coordinating with the concerned internal department regarding collection matters, payment for legal cases etc
• Recording and filing all legal documents and providing the management with the accurate documents when and where need and required.
• Monitoring the expiration and validity of all legal documents including the companies’ license, agreement and the leases contracts and keep all such documents updated. Liaising with relevant government bodies related to business of the Group
• Assisting Contracts Department (Projects) in day-to-day activities and alleviating their administrative burdens such as coordinating/expediting documents for tenders/contracts.
• Additional responsibilities as assigned.


Education: Bachelor Degree in Law (LLB)
Experience: Min 10-15 Years in a similar role in commercial and corporate setup.
Skills: Good Computer Skills in MS Office Package.

الخلفية التعليمية

Bachelor Degree in Law

تفاصيل الوظيفة

منطقة الوظيفة: القاهرة, مصر قطاع الشركة: صناعة وإنتاج; طاقة طبيعة عمل الشركة: صاحب عمل (القطاع الخاص) الدور الوظيفي: القانون تاريخ الالتحاق بالعمل: غير محدد الحالة الوظيفية: دوام كامل نوع التوظيف: موظف الراتب الشهري: غير محدد يتطلب إدارة موظفين آخرين: نعم عدد الوظائف الشاغرة: 1

المرشح المفضل

المستوى المهني: متوسط الخبرة عدد سنوات الخبرة: الحد الأدنى: 10 الحد الأقصى: 15 منطقة الإقامة: مصر الجنس: غير محدد الجنسية: مصر الشهادة: بكالوريوس/ دبلوم عالي

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