MINISOLife تطلب Category management manger

Alaa Ali

MINISOLife تطلب Category management manger

Job Description:

1、  根据国际商品事业部发展规划及商品中心战略目标,统筹制定所负责品类商品研发及采购计划,领导团队达成或超过所负责品类的销售目标;

According to the development plan of the international commodity business department and the strategic objectives of the commodity center, responsible for whole category product development process and category planning, leads the team to achieve or exceed team and company’s sales objectives.

2、  领导团队深度研究目标国家消费者及消费品零售市场,准确提炼目标国适销商品需求,负责输出所负责品类在各目标国的市场研究报告及品类发展规划,不断提升该品类在目标国家的竞争力与销售业绩;MINISOLife

Lead the team to deliver depth study on consumer, consumer goods and retail market in target nation and to accurately summarize local consumer needs, responsible for delivering market research report and category development plan. Continuously improve category’s competitiveness and sales performance in target market.

3、  领导团队根据品牌定位、客户需求、市场调研及终端销售数据,输出品类月度、季度、年度产品开发规划、品项规划及采购计划;提高采购资金使用效率及库存周转效率;

According to company strategy, customer demand, market research and internal sales data, lead the team to timely adjust and deliver monthly, quarterly and annual product and category development plan and category purchasing plan.

4、  根据客户及市场需求,以总成本最优为原则,领导团队开拓当地国供应商资源,与总部配合梳理当地直采产品及供应商资源,与当地供应商建立良好的合作沟通关系,领导团队完成品类当地直采产品研发流程工作,帮助公司完成质量优化、成本优化与及时交付等目标;

According to the customer needs and market insight, expanding local supplier resources. Based on principle of total cost optimization, coordinate with headquarter to sort out target local procurement products and suppliers, and establish good relationship with local suppliers, lead the team to complete local procurement process and help company achieves the objectives on quality optimization, cost optimization and on-time delivery;

5、  制定部门内部管理制度,持续改善工作流程及组织人员效率;制定部门预算,控制部门开支与费用;深刻理解公司价值观,成为团队价值观的榜样,打造良好的团队工作氛围;积极指导并协助团队成员的工作,不断为公司培育优质人才;

Making internal management regulations for the category team, continuously improve the working process and efficiency of the organization; Responsible for the department budget making, controlling department expenditure and expenses; Deeply understand company’s mission, vision and values, become an rule model for the team, create a good team working atmosphere; Actively guide and assist all team members in their work, constantly cultivate high potential talents for the company;


MINISOLife تطلب Category management manger


MINISOLife تطلب Category management manger

MINISOLife تطلب Category management manger

1、  大学本科以上学历,市场营销及国际贸易背景优先;品类管理及相关工作经验5-8年以上;

Bachelor degree or above, background in marketing or international trade is preferred; 5-8 years of category management experience or relevant working experience is preferred

2、  具备极强的数据分析能力,可熟练使用常用的office办公软件。

Excellent data analysis ability; Proficient in Microsoft office;

3、  对消费者、消费品零售市场、流行时尚趋势有敏锐的洞察能力和专业的数据搜集分析能力。

Excellent data collection and analysis ability, and keen business insight on consumer, retail and consumer goods market and fashion trend

4、  精通产品开发、生产、销售、营销全价值链流程,拥有丰富的品类管理、产品开发经验及采购成本控制知识;

Expert in product and category management throughout the whole value chain from product development, production, in-store sales and product marketing. Have rich product development experience and purchasing cost control knowledge;

5、  可熟练使用中文与当地国语言,或英文与当地国语言,具有较强的沟通协调能力;

Proficient in Chinese and local language, or English and local language, with strong communication and coordination ability;

6、  有极强的计划与执行能力、抗压能力、团队合作精神与领导力,可领导团队达成目标;

Excellent planning and execution ability, teamwork spirit and leadership, could endure certain working pressure and lead the team to achieve the goal.

Seniority levelMid-Senior level

Employment typeFull-time

Job functionProduct ManagementPurchasingProject Management

IndustriesRetailImport and ExportInternational Trade and Development

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