Orange Business تطلب Solutions Consultant

Alaa Ali

Orange Business تطلب Solutions Consultant

A billable professional who works with clients to develop quality communications solutions in order to solve / address a client’s business requirements. The process starts with the collection and analysis of all pertinent data essential to understanding a client’s requirements; the assessment. The role is that of client advocate and takes responsibility for solution development and design inclusive of the underlying technical architecture, delivery planning and representation of that solution as required. Client facing activities such as presentations and negotiation in conjunction with the account manager is expected.

As a billable consultant, you will work both independently and in partnership with consultants from other regions. You will be engaged in performing or assisting in following activities:

· Ownership or support on creation of deliverables (Low Level Design, Acceptance Test Plan, Migration scenario)

· Ownership or support on creation of projects consulting blueprints and boilerplates

· Liaise directly with customer to obtain all relevant technical information for successful design, order validation & project delivery

· Support on site or remote migration for complex solutions/environments, as required

· Position and/or deliver billable consulting work to a partner or end-customer, especially when it facilitates the progression towards, or closure of, a deeper partner relationship or a significant end-customer contract.

· Acting as pre-sales consultant for some of the organic growth activities as needed.

· Consistently deliver high quality billable technical service to existing and new clients ensuring that customer satisfaction is maintained or improved.

· Stay abreast of technical, issues, options and advancements within the internetworking industry relevant to the Orange services portfolio.

Orange Business تطلب Solutions Consultant

Orange Business تطلب Solutions Consultant

· Be recognized as an authority on Orange products and services both internally and externally.

· Maintain and develop technical specialization and certifications to accommodate growth in Orange services, as well as personal requirements.Contribute to knowledge management through documentation of completed assignments in the form of case studies, author white papers or presentations on technical solutions and services offered by Orange.

· Participates in projects as part of a project organization respecting cost, quality and time constraints

· Provide consulting assessments for new and existing customers if needed.

· Ownership of the technical solution from concept to subsequent implementation.

·  Present technical solutions to partners and their end-customers, both formally and informally, as required.

Ø Skills / Qualifications:

BSc in Telecommunication or equivalent

Technical certifications (minimum CCNP/CCVP/RCSP level) or equivalent experience

CCIE is a plus

Fluent in both spoken and written English, other language is a plus

Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

Excellent customer facing skills with track record of effective experience

Excellent team player

Reasonable business & commercial acumen

Excellent organizational and planning skills

Detail oriented

Time management skills

Independent self-starter

“Can Do”, customer-focused attitude

Professional Experience : Minimum of 7+ years related work experience in customer facing organizations within the Telecom or IT industry, 2 to 3 of which in technology design consulting

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