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Pfizer تطلب Automation and Electrical Engineer

Electrical Engineer

Position Title: Automation and electrical engineer

Position Summary

Automation and electrical engineer is responsible for supporting and improving production machines and utilities. the candidate will support the automation, electrical and control systems focusing on reliable cost-effective operation while minimizing downtime and enhancing business continuity.

The candidate should define the minimum standards for computer system and software components.

Essential Functions.

Implements maintenance program improvements for the assets under his/her responsibility. Provide detailed reliability analysis for all critical automation systems for production equipment and utilities. with the ability to troubleshoot multiple platform automation systems, control and electrical systems.

Responsible for measurements such as the proportion of work which is planned/scheduled, emergency work, preventive maintenance condition‑based‑monitoring work, equipment uptime, and mean time between failures.

Implements maintenance program improvements for the assets under his/her responsibility. He /she should make maintenance budget recommendations.

Job requirements will involve design and implementation of ALCOA (Attributable to the person generating the data, Legible and permanent, Contemporaneous, Original record and Accurate) principles of data integrity are met in all automation system designs.

Ensure (DI) compliance for all GMP computer systems for UGS. performing DI and electronic record signature (ERES) assessments for computer workstations as required.

Pfizer تطلب Automation and Electrical Engineer

Facilitate the identification of root causes for equipment failure by applying appropriate RFT analysis methods and tools. Identify and manage the execution of remedial actions to prevent future occurrences.

Responsible for ranking the criticality of the assets under his/her care and defining the proactive maintenance approaches which are cost‑beneficial to the business.

Pfizer تطلب Automation and Electrical Engineer

Responsible for the creation and ownership of technical SOPs related to the Maintenance of Equipment. Responsible for representing maintenance to other organizations and functions including Engineering Projects, Production Operations, Procurement, new project commissioning, etc. Develop procedures and specifications for the reliability and maintenance aspects of existing and new equipment. Support the development of maintenance shut-down work plans. Develop and manage CRs (Change Requests) related to Engineering systems and projects. Ability to investigate equipment related deviations and enhance the related CAPA Provide training support to Engineering colleagues on technical SOPs Support the development and execution of facility and utility related commissioning, qualification and validation documentation. Provide general technical support on an ongoing basis to the engineering team. Interact with all Engineering positions, cross function teams from production, quality, supply chain, procurement, compliance and Internal audit teams.



Bachelor in Science Degree with a major in Engineering or an equivalent field with a minimum 3-5 years of experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry or similar

Relevant Computer skills, different PLC platforms, HMI, SCADA systems , automation networks, electrical systems ,cGMP ,good communication skills

Ability to work under minimum supervision

Supports the Company’s EHS program by following established policies, procedures and Corporate EHS Policies and by participating in special activities when required.

Pfizer is an equal opportunity employer and complies with all applicable equal employment opportunity legislation in each jurisdiction in which it operates.


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