Sales representatives are required to work in Saudi Arabia

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Sales representatives are required to work in Saudi Arabia

Sales representatives are required to work in Saudi Arabia
Sales representatives are required to work in Saudi Arabia

Principal Objective:  A brief summary of the responsibilities of the position.

To provide strategies, advice and guidance for the domestic and international annual marketing plan and campaigning for the Jazan City for Primary and Downstream Industries (JCPDI), through different types of activities, communications and liaison with different companies and vendors.

Organizational Relationship:  A brief synopsis of reporting relationships i.e., reports to supports section, group, etc.; interfaces with senior management, clients, etc.

Reports to the Director, Business Development Department of the JCPDI. Will be directly involved in briefing senior Royal Commission Management and representing the Royal Commission at high-level meetings and consultation with other Government organizations, private sector investors and industry stakeholders.

Major Activities Performed:  List the major job function(s) of the position.
Manage and supervise all marketing activates for Royal Commission, coordinate common marketing activates with different stakeholders
Develop marketing strategies and initiatives in order to promote the JCPDI, identify new opportunities and investors and attract them to invest in the JCPDI.
Successfully cascade and implement the marketing strategies and initiatives to the necessary levels within the Royal Commission.
Provide expert industry marketing guidance, based on the current global, regional and future market industry trends in primary and downstream industries.
Plan, implement and manage the RC JCPDI annual marketing plan, including the marketing budget.
Manage Royal Commission participation in local and international events with a cost-effective approach and coordinate with organizers for better than expected results
Research potential investors and competitors in order to identify new markets and opportunities.
Identify potential investment marketing opportunities and potential strategic partner relationships and keep abreast of marketing developments and trends.
Plan, prepare and implement marketing and brand campaigns, including online and printed marketing materials (brochures, presentations, roll ups etc.), advertisements and utilize social media to promote the RC
Work collaboratively with external agencies to organize events (Saudi Downstream, Industrialists Forum and others if assigned).
Execute regular online marketing surveys to maintain contact with investors and recommend action plans to address their concerns
Monitor and report on effectiveness of marketing communications and campaigns
Establish and maintain numerous contacts within and outside of the industry and follow up marketing leads in a timely manner.
Arrange and attend conferences, meetings and industry events to promote the Royal Commission and generate new opportunities.
Establish, develop and manage a strong marketing team to ensure that key objectives and targets are met.
Train and mentor team members to develop their skills and expertise in the latest marketing techniques.
The successful applicant will be based in the JCPDI but will be required to travel extensively both within and outside of the Kingdom.
Experience and Qualifications: List the background experience required for the position, number of years’ experience, in what fields. Describe the academic background

The appropriate potential candidate must have:

A recognized Bachelor’s degree in Business, Marketing or related field, MBA/Master’s degree preferable.
Professional Membership of a recognized sales/marketing organization preferred.
Minimum 15 years of marketing experience, preferable in the primary hydrocarbon industry and downstream based industry.
Strong marketing background within the regional Middle East experience is preferred.
Proven track record of attracting and generating strong business including blue-chip investors.
Extensive experience in preparing successful and attractive brochures, presentations and booklets – targeted to specific customers
Solid understanding of the Chinese culture with the ability to attract Chinese investors
Able to identify future buyers and how to approach the African, European and East Asian markets
Able to identify and target strong investors and attract them to invest in the JCPDI
Strong knowledge of marketing, exhibitions and negotiation experience.
Knowledge of marketing strategies and types of investment and familiar with in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabian market
Experience in arranging successful conferences and exhibitions
Able to work under minimal supervision, with initiative and proactiveness.
Excellent English and communication skills.
Strong IT fluency, with experience in using Microsoft Office, Business Development and other relevant software.

Please send your CV to the following link:-

*** For more jobs click here
*** For more jobs click here

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