Sanofi طالبين Non-Sterile Maintenance Engineer

Alaa Ali

Sanofi طالبين Non-Sterile Maintenance Engineer

Job Purpose:

Ensure that all production machines are working with high performance and in good conditions by implementing the preventive maintenance plan on time and ensure the availability of the most required/critical spare parts in the engineering stores.

Responsibilities and Tasks:

  • Preparing the annual preventive maintenance plan by coordinating with production planning department
  • Supervising execution of monthly preventive maintenance actions
  • Supervising execution of the corrective actions to minimize machines’ stoppages
  • Training of mechanical/Electrical technicians on the assigned area’s equipment
  • Ensuring recording of maintenance works in log books for all machines
  • Preparing list for the required mechanical spare parts for all the assigned machines every year and execute the plan according to the approved budget
  • Localization of machine spare parts and developing in house solution which shall decrease the machine running cost
  • Participating in the lean task force which affect the manufacturing process efficiency and minimize waste and cost
  • Closing the audits’ pending points with QA for concerned mechanical issues
  • Supervise technicians according to organization chart
  • HSE and Energy Responsibilities:
Sanofi طالبين Non-Sterile Maintenance Engineer
Sanofi طالبين Non-Sterile Maintenance Engineer

Sanofi طالبين Non-Sterile Maintenance Engineer

Ensuring that standards related to EHS, energy and discipline are maintainedFollow the approved HSE and energy policy and requirementsFollowing and approving the work permit prior to contractors work start & prior to the start of any routine work process with significant riskFollow the Lockout/Tagout procedures during maintenance and repairCommitment to the appropriate PPE useFollowing the statutory legislation concerning Health, Safety and environmental and energy lawImplementing controls for waste, resources management and pollution control to minimize

the impact on the local environment

Work Contacts


  • Production, Quality, Logistics, Business development & any other concerned department in the site

Sanofi طالبين Non-Sterile Maintenance Engineer


  • Electrical and mechanical suppliers, contractors and vendors
  • Implementing good preventive maintenance program for all Utilities functions and machines to ensure the optimization consumption of all energy source

Machines or Equipment Used: Sterile -Non Sterile production machines

Job Holder Entry Requirements:

  • Education: Bachelor Degree in Mechatronics Engineering – Mechanical -Electrical Department
  • Related Experience: up to 7 Years of experience in Pharmaceutical Industry (sterile/Non sterile)
  • Special Knowledge/Skills:

Hard worker – CooperativeAnalytical – Attention to details – Problem solverInitiative – Self-motivatedQuick learnerStable performance under pressureAble to adapt or modify behavior to reach the goalTaking quality decisions based on logic and factual information

At Sanofi diversity and inclusion is foundational to how we operate and embedded in our Core Values. We recognize to truly tap into the richness diversity brings we must lead with inclusion and have a workplace where those differences can thrive and be leveraged to empower the lives of our colleagues, patients and customers. We respect and celebrate the diversity of our people, their backgrounds and experiences and provide equal opportunity for all.

Sanofi طالبين Non-Sterile Maintenance Engineer

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أخطاء شائعة فى السيرة الذاتية عليك تجنبها !

نصائح لك :

عند الدخول في مجال عمل جديد لابد وأن تعرف قواعد وأسس هذا المجال والتي تحدد ملامحه وشكله، كما يجب عليك أيضا أن تعرف طريقة عمله حتى تحقق نجاحًا فيه”.

فى نهاية المطاف ، يجب على كل منا بذل قصارى جهده فى عمله حتى لا يكون عبء على العمل
و بذلك تنهض الدولة و أيضا المجتمع

ربما يكون العمل شاق و لكن مقارنة بالفراغ فهو أمر ممتع جدا
بالأضافة إلى أنه يجب التحلى بالصبر أيضا لابد من الحكمة و الأنجاز فى الأعمال و التركيز على الأهداف
بشكل خاص الأعمال التى تحتاج إلى ابداع

يبدو أن الأمر يحتاج المثابرة والإصرار حتى تصل إلى ما تريد ، أيضا تحتاج للبحث المستمر و الإطلاع .

نتيجة لذلك لابد من تطوير خبرتك و الإطلاع على كافة التطورات التى تخصه حتى تحقق نجاحا باهرا

اذًا ، يجب على كل فرد بذل قصارى جهده فى عمله حتى لا يشعر بتقصيره فى العمل
و بذلك تنهض الأمة و أيضا المجتمع

بناء على ذلك قم بتحديد فترة زمنية يمكنك تطوير نفسك بها . لذلك قم بتطوير مهاراتك حتى تنجح

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