Siemens Energy طالبين Power Generation Engineer

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Siemens Energy طالبين Power Generation Engineer

Siemens Energy طالبين shift Engineer


Siemens Energy is the only company in the world that can provide fully integrated products, solutions and services across the energy value chain of oil and gas production, power generation and transmission. Siemens Energy has a presence across the globe and is a leading innovator for the energy systems of today and tomorrow, as it has been for more than 150 years.

Siemens Energy is focused on helping customers navigate the world’s most pressing energy problems. Essential applications include providing products, solutions and services that make fossil energy greener; delivering decentralized, flexible power solutions; managing the complexities of the grid; improving and de-risking aging assets; and connecting supply and demand through storage technologies such as grid-scale batteries and Power-to-X technologies.

Join our Siemens Energy as the (Shift egineer) and help us re-imagine the world by finding solutions and making the world a smarter place for tomorrow.

Your Role – International, Challenging And Future-Oriented!

This position reports to the Operation Engineer and Operation Manager. The purpose of this position is to operate power plant systems under normal and emergency situations as an assistant to the Shift Charge Engineer. Perform all duties related to the monitoring, maintenance, and operation of power plant auxiliary equipment, including routine walk downs of turbine building as well as outside locations such as the cooling systems, make up water facility, storage tanks, and water treatment plant.

Siemens Energy طالبين Power Generation Engineer

The following are the usual major job duties, but this job description does not preclude the performance of other duties by the incumbent.

Perform all duties related to the monitoring, maintenance and operation of plant auxiliary equipment, including periodic walk downs of the boiler and turbine buildings as well as outside locations such as the air-cooled condenser and storage tanks.

Knowledge and understanding of all plant safety regulations. Report any unusual or unsafe condition to the Shift Charge Engineer. Maintain a fire watch. Knowledge of the locations and be able to use, firefighting equipment.

Position and configure plant equipment such as: opening and closing of valves, starting/stopping of pumps and compressors, visual inspections of the combustion process, operation of the crane system, orderly storage of materials, checking and maintaining fluid levels and gases for proper operation.

Lubricate and operate pumps, motors and auxiliary equipment. Clean or replace condensers, water filters, air filters and oil filters.

Perform chemical analytical tests on various process flows. Monitor process flows, chemical balance and temperatures and maintain them in the desired range. Take corrective action as required when these tests are out of parameter.

Maintain data logs.

Operate all machinery in accordance with safe engineering practices to ensure safety of personnel and equipment.

Perform tag out and lockout procedures on electrical and mechanical equipment.

Receive deliveries of hazardous and non-hazardous bulk chemicals as needed.

Perform regular surveillance and periodic testing of the water processing building area and equipment. This includes, but shall not be limited to culvert and monitoring well soundings, and detailed descriptions of daily activities and events

Cooperation with maintenance department to identify and troubleshoot plant equipment and perform mechanical, electrical and instrument maintenance as required.

Siemens Energy طالبين Power Generation Engineer
Siemens Energy طالبين Power Generation Engineer

Siemens Energy طالبين Power Generation Engineer

Perform facility maintenance, clean up and housekeeping.

Attain proficiency in performing the duties of the Control Room Operator.

Assist the Shift Charge Engineer in the operation of the plant, from the Control Room as well as the plant floor.

Monitor and co-ordinate plant visitors not normally assigned to the site.

Assist with and co-ordinate on the job training of plant personnel.

  • Frequent contact with Operations Manager, Operation Engineer and Shift Charge Engineer on Shift to receive instructions and exchange technical information.
  • Frequent contact with all members of shift to exchange technical and procedural information.

Your Qualifications And Skills – Digital And Solid!

Siemens Energy طالبين Power Generation Engineer

  • Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering from an accredited college or university or equivalent related work experience.
  • Proven track record in similar function for couple of years
  • Teamwork mind set rounded by excellent communication skills
  • Ability to effectively work within a matrix organization
  • Decision-making ability.
  • Good communication skills, effective as a team member, decisive and persuasive, good in dealing with conflict situations, and well accepted by costumer as Shift representative.
  • Fluent English in reading and writing

What else do you need to know?

As a world leader in developing and producing the most advanced engineering technologies, we improve lives and further human achievements worldwide, while also protecting the climate – all thanks to our employees. Working with us, you have the foundation to develop personally and professionally. We give you the chance to do something significant, that benefits society and human progress. We give you the chance to create a difference.

Diversity at Siemens is our source of creativity and innovation. Having different types of talent and experiences makes us more ambitious and better prepared to respond successfully to the demands of the Society. Therefore, we value the candidates that reflect the Diversity that we enjoy in our Company. Please find more information at

We are looking forward to receiving your online application.

Please note: Only complete applications can be considered in the selection process.

Organization: Gas and Power

Company: Siemens Technologies S.A.E.

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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