Software Developer

عبدالله علي

Company : Caelum Middle East
Location: Zamalek, Cairo,Egypt

Software Developer
Position: Software Developer
Job Code: (210) R&D: Junior Developer or senior developer
– Software developers are the brains behind the development, design, installation, testing and maintenance of software codes, systems and programs.
– As software codes, has an important part in making a business more efficient and helping to provide a better IT service.
– He/she might be responsible for the replacement of a whole system based on the specifications provided by an IT analyst, in addition to modifying it and integrating it into the existing network.
– The code should be created to link the systems together.
– Has the ability to interpret and follow technical plans.
– Creative approach to problem solving.
– Has the ability to work with people at all levels, including non-technical staff.
– He has the ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines.
– An understanding of confidentiality and data protection issues.
– Ability to solve problems quickly and completely.
– Good communications skills.
– Team-working skills.
– An appreciation of the bigger business picture, not just its IT requirements.
– Analytically and commercial experience.
– Any organizational skills.
– Develop programming systems making specific determinations about system performance.
– Review and repair legacy code.
– Expected to conduct system analysis and development, with limited support from professional staff, to keep our systems current with changing technologies.
– Research and recommend software tools to management.
– Review, to the extent possible, changes in code and the environment that will affect system performance.
– Provide recommendations to management concerning issues of programmer productivity and software development management.
– Graduated from the faculty of Engineering- Computer Science Section.
– Good knowledge of mathematics, hardware, software and programming languages
– strong knowledge is a must .net. c#, linq, WCF and WPF.,entity framework
– Has very good knowledge in Database.
Job Type
Full Time

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