Undisclosed طالبين مدير مبيعات

Alaa Ali

Undisclosed طالبين مدير مبيعات

Looking for dynamic self motivated Sales Manager for our new office in Egypt willing to build a very strong team to be one of the leading high end real estate brokerage, please read the following carefully.


The ideal candidate most significant responsibility is keeping
the agents motivated to close sales.
set weekly, monthly, and annual goals for the agents to
work towards, and track these goals by meeting with
agents on a regular basis. also conduct team meetings
and offer advice and incentives for agents to achieve goals.

Responsible for conducting interviews and hiring real estate sales staff, develop and implement training programs that teach sales agents how to get customers, negotiate real estate deals, acquire financing, and properly fill out sale paperwork.

Responsible for administrative duties like preparing
budget reports, marketing, and planning open houses and other events that help develop sales leads for their office. 

Maintain relationships with repeat clients to keep them satisfied and promote future business opportunities and referrals.

To stay current on the real estate industry, spend time researching new housing regulations and legislation that affects the sales office, complete awareness of the new projects, attend industry meetings, seminars, and conferences to expand their industry knowledge and develop professional networks.

Undisclosed طالبين مدير مبيعات
Undisclosed طالبين مدير مبيعات

Undisclosed طالبين مدير مبيعات


Coaching – helping team members reach their full sales potential is the main objective of a real estate sales manager, and the ability to support and motivate sales agents is essential to success at this job

Salesmanship – sales skills are fundamental, must to train
their sales team to build rapport, ensure client trust, and
make the sale on a regular basis

Team management – it is the responsibility of the real estate sales manager to oversee the sales agent team and handle any issues that arise, as well as to make sure sales goals are met

Undisclosed طالبين مدير مبيعات

Communication skills – the ability to listen to and speak with clients, sales agents, and other managers is essential for effective real estate sales managers

Business acumen – an understanding of how a business
achieves objectives and goals to drive sales is important.
must think strategically, understand the
real estate industry, and have a manager mindset

Experienced and connected – Must be experienced with the local real estate market and very well connected with the key developers

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أخطاء شائعة فى السيرة الذاتية عليك تجنبها !

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