Unilever طالبين مدير لقطاع المبيعات

Alaa Ali

Unilever طالبين مدير لقطاع المبيعات

Job Title: Area Sales Manager – Key Pharmacies

Daily Tasks

The role involves various tasks which include the following:

Company Order

Request order with T.L (PH-KR-Retail-WS)

Deposits & Cash flow

Follow-up With T.L (PH-KR-Retail-WS)

Area Sales Manager Daily Meeting

Daily Forecast (TO- Deposits- Cash flow-SEC Sales)

Loading orders and CV DSF

Follow-up with T.L ACC Team and warehouse Team

Goods Division

Follow-up with T.L (PH-KR-Retail-WS)

Follow-up CS Team

Follow-up with T.L CS Team

Market visit reporting

Follow-up with T.L (Market Visits yesterday)

Administrative work

Follow-up with T.L ACC Team and warehouse Team

Credit limit

Follow up on credit in the market

Coaching & develop and select Staff

Select the new salesman for each sub-channel

Weekly Tasks

SM Meeting

Follow up on weekly forecasts (TO, Deposits, Cash flow, SEC Sales)

Weekly Forecast

Weekly Forecasts (TO, Deposits, Cash flow, SEC, Sales)

Market visit /Perfect Store

10 market visit per week

Unilever طالبين مدير لقطاع المبيعات
Unilever طالبين مدير لقطاع المبيعات

Unilever طالبين مدير لقطاع المبيعات

Monthly Tasks

ASM Monthly Meeting

Overview for Achievement of the last month

Forecasts for current month

Prepare monthly presentation about distribution achievement

Recap all distributor targets

Plan-Achievement-contests-Key Customers-Discounts

Monthly TO Plan

Plan by Channel -Catorage -Brand-Item-TO and by DSF

Monthly FCS Plan

Plan E.co-PC-LPC-Coverage

Monthly TPR/Price

Follow-up Trade letter and Request any amendments

Regional Monthly Meetings

Discussion for all distributors’ achievement

Forecast Reporting

Forecast for all brands-TO -FCS-Closing month (working capital and control cost -ROI)

Follow-up competitors

News about competitors

Land new customer initiatives

Partner with S&CM to land strong full year activity grid to Key customers

Ensure perfect store execution

Partner with TCM & Merchandising to ensure PS execution

Yearly Tasks

Customer’ JBPs

Plan & Land Customer JBPs yearly to key customers

Review yearly contracts

Review & amend customers contracts & ensure proper briefing

Yearly ambition

Participate in yearly bottom-up forecast to reflect channel ambition

Key Requirements

Bachelor’s Degree – Pharmacy graduate is a plus

4-8 years of experience in the sales field

Experience in FMCGs or Pharmaceutical industry

Strong Knowledge of Sales Fundamentals & Call Steps

Strong Analytical Skills

Strong Trade Channel Knowledge

Planning & Development

Powerful problem Solving

Strong Communication and negotiation skills

Market orientation

Management skills

Problem-solving skills

Key Skills And Attributes Needed




Passion for Growth

Seizing the Future

Holding People Accountable


Self confidence



Egypt-Egypt (State Level)-Cairo-Cairo

مستوى الأقدميةغير مطبق

نوع الوظيفةدوام كامل

المهام الوظيفيةالمبيعاتتطوير الأعمال التجارية

المجالاتسلع استهلاكيةالأغذية والمشروباتإنتاج غذائي

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