Vodafone طالبين موظف دعم

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Vodafone طالبين موظف دعم

Role Purpose

To Handle corrective actions needed for VFE Charging services for Voice, Data and VAS services including all SDPs, AIRs and all related charging application nodes (Charging Interface, Data Handler , ADSL handler) at Vodafone Egypt network for Consumer and Corporate Customers (Tariff Management) experience and assure fastest recovery of unplanned service disruptions and emergencies.

Owning Recharge and Refill services, monthly charging Bill Cycle service, prepaid customers Life Cycle. Also responsible about operational KPI’s for charging of voice, Data & prepaid services.

Assuring timely, best quality and seamless network changes and expansions on Charging services.

Key Accountabilities And Decision Ownership

Charging Support Strategy:

Discuss priorities in alignment with department and company strategy

Agree objectives and goals to fulfil the strategy.

Review quarterly the progress and fine tune the objectives/goals/priorities

Charging Second-Line Support and Emergency management:

Handle the SW updates on Charging domain to assure operating on the latest recommended SW level.

Responsible for 24/7 system faults, global incidents and corrective maintenance activities execution on prepaid charging Nodes to ensure meeting all Operational KPIs (preventive actions, Fault detection, incident handling , corrective actions and knowledge transfer) to reach minimum MTTR and maintain execution with highest quality standards. In addition to handling all Problem Management activities to eliminate repetitive incident reoccurrence, Through continuously revamping and modifying Processes

communicate with Charging vendors through regular management meetings with vendors management to assure timely resolution of all critical operational issues, and risks.

Responsible of Charging emergencies and assure taking proper and timely decisions to ensure the fastest resolution and least impact on customer experience and VFE network availability.

VFE Charging nodes Integration and configuration Management:

Handle integration & acceptance of all Charging new nodes and expansions in MTXs.

Vodafone طالبين موظف دعم
Vodafone طالبين موظف دعم

Vodafone طالبين موظف دعم

Apply and own configuration management activities execution on all Charging nodes. Varying from the simplest configuration changes till Largest Scale upgrades, Mega charging Projects and evolution execution. Seeing through all such activities to be done at highest quality standards and ensuring complete adherence to Change management processes and at the same time minimizing any risks associates with such changes on VFE Network through setting and following proper testing procedures before and after changes.

Review and ensure VFE targets related to new Promos , Tariffs, products…etc. are achieved with minimum impact on live network and customer experience.

IT, Finance and Commercial Liaison Lead Cross functional tasks to

Recharges and vouchers daily/monthly reports reconciliation

stakeholders involvement to ensure harmony and most optimum Voice & Data service delivery. Ensuring SLAs are met and at the same time optimizing and creating new interacting processes.

Vendor management:

Conduct frequent vendor assessment surveys for quality, timeliness and value added.

Assess and plan partnerships/alliances with preferred vendors.

Establish effective Vendor Management to ensure that VFE gets excellent value of the money spent.

Ensure that the vendors performance meets the business needs and monitor vendors KPIs, as agreed in their (SLAs) and applies penalties for non-compliance cases.

Key Performance Indicators

Main Charging Service accessibility, Availability and retain ability KPIS).

Main Charging service Operations KPIs, MTTR, repetitive incidents, Percentage of incidents due to changes & Percentage of failed and successful changes.

Charging Projects Delivery Main KPIs


University Graduate, BSc of Engineering in Telecommunications or Computer science.

Core competencies, knowledge and experience

3-5 years of experience in Telecommunication Industry.

Excellent knowledge of telecom/IT industry.

Required hands-on experience with different operating systems (Unix, Linux,…) as system administrator

Knowledge in Database maintenance and housekeeping (Oracle, MySql, …)

Programming languages (Java, Perl, PHP, …)

Knowledge of GSM/GPRS network structure.

Preferable good knowledge with SS7 & TCP/IP.

Very good command of Microsoft office.

Preferable knowledge with IN concepts

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