Vortex Robotics بميناء البصل بالإسكندرية طالبين Mechanical Engineer

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Vortex Robotics بميناء البصل بالإسكندرية طالبين Mechanical Engineer

For recent graduates (2018-2020) and undergraduates

If you are interested in “Mechanical Engineering” and would like to be part of a team who will work on an AUV (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle) mechanical design and the challenge of its sealing and best maneuverability under the water,

You can apply now in RoboSub 2021 competition, be one of our luckiest who will be chosen to deal with $15000 USD worth components and be fully sponsored for Registration fees (worth $1000 USD)


1.   Design:

  • Vehicle frame design
  • Internal electronic structure design
  • Design the sealing of electronic enclosures
  • Camera placement design
  • Moving mechanism designs
  • Complete 3D model for all parts

2.   Calculations and Selection:

  • Balance of the ROV and stability
  • Buoyancy calculations
  • Weight calculations
  • Drag force
  • Propulsion orientation
  • Material selection
Vortex Robotics بميناء البصل بالإسكندرية طالبين Mechanical Engineer
Vortex Robotics

3.   Assembling and Mnufacture:

  • Extracting documented engineering drawings ready for manufacture
  • Choose the feasible and proper mean of manufacture of each part
  • Bill of materials for purchase (bolts, nuts, O-rings, etc.)
  • Manufacturing the final design (self or at third party)
  • Assembling and disassembling with an easy, fast sequence

Vortex Robotics بميناء البصل بالإسكندرية طالبين Mechanical Engineer


  • ·Currently Studying or a graduate from an Mechanical / Electromechanical / Mechatronic Major or Minor
  • Familiar with any of 3D CAD modelling softwares (ex.: Solidworks, Inventor, Fusion360) (Solidworks is an advantage)
  • Has mechanical background
  • Knows the basics of buoyancy, stability, drag and lift forces
  • Familiar with machining techniques
  • Strong computer and mathematical skills

Extra qualifications:

  • Participated in technical competitions
  • Familiar with Flow simulation software (as Ansys)
  • Knows ROV basic components
  • Worked in sealing projects
  • Knows basics of propulsion

Must Read

This is an opportunity to join Vortex team who will join in RoboSub 2021 Competition. Applicants will be filterated according to their skills and previous projects. It is important that your information is correct, accurate and not overrated. Accepted Applicants will attend 2 months training phase including Advanced sessions and tasks as projects. This Training phase costs 500 LE To ensure seriousness and committment. At the end of this phase, trainees will be filterated according to an evaluation for their projects and committment and will join Vortex Team to participate in RoboSub Competition August 2021, San Diego, USA. Vortex Team will be fully supported and funded for the Competition Registration fees ($1000 USD) and components needed for the AUV (worth $15000 USD)

**Alexandria Residents Only can apply**

This is a challenging opportunity, make sure you are the right person to be here!

We are looking forward to receiving your online application.

At Vortex, We are caring about skills diversity and getting out the best out of each innovative person through collaboration of smart working and creative ideas. We seek sustainability through our goals of developing underwater technologies and marine services. We are proud to offer open-sourced community of knowledge sharing and practical experience through our projects and R&D sectors. Therefore, we are welcoming well educated Engineers have the willing of research and self-educate themsleves through different resources and willing to self-challenge for best goals.


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