Workshop Manager Heavy Equipment Qatar

عبدالله علي

Workshop Manager (Heavy Equipment ) / Qatar

Job Description :

1. Prepare Business Plan for department 2. Reviews operational and financial data to determine whether the service department is meeting budget goals. 3. Monitors financial expenditures to ensure adherence to the budget. 4. Plans, initiates and promotes service marketing events. 5. Ensures that the Service Dept. achieves budget objectives by continually examining accounts, operating controls, and composite figures. 6. Receive and answer customer questions regarding technical problems with their Car, warranties, services and repairs in a manner that is easily understood. 7. Calms dissatisfied customers, resolves complaints with sensitivity, and involves others when needed………………….. Job Specification 1. Aged 35-45 2. High degree of fluency in written & spoken English; Arabic is required 3. Can manage and with experience in running large Automotive Workshop including body shop 4. Technical background, preferably in Mechanical Engineering

Job Location: Al Dauha

Submission Date: 1/11/2014
Valid Until : 30/11/2014

Required Candidates

Education: B.Sc. Engineering.
Major: Automotive Engineering.
Age: Not Determined
Gender: Male
Computer Skills: Very Good
Experience: Min 8 Max 15 year(s)
First Language: Arabic degree : Excellent
Second Language: English degree : Very Good
Position: Any

Country of Nationality: Egypt.

Workshop Manager Heavy Equipment Qatar

Additional Requirements :
(please don’t send cv for this job if you not willing to accept this range) / Workshop Manager PACKAGE (Qrs.) Basic 9,000-10000 Qrs Bachelor Company accommodation. After 6 months Family status with 5000 Housing Allowance Car Allowance 1500 Qrs Mobile: 250 Petrol: 250 ¶ Interested candidates Please send your updated cv with resent photo to “[email protected]” with subject Workshop Manager(Heavy Equipment ) @ Qatar / any email without subject may be neglected

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